"Tarek Lotfy" excelled in attracting attention with "The Adventures of a Husband" and confirms that the audience's appreciation for his work has the effect of magic

"Tarek Lotfy" excelled in attracting attention with "The Adventures of a Husband" and confirms that the audience's appreciation for his work has the effect of magic
"Tarek Lotfy" excelled in attracting attention with "The Adventures of a Husband" and confirms that the audience's appreciation for his work has the effect of magic
Dialogue _ Marwa Galy Hassan
A state of artistic success experienced by the artist Tarek Lotfy, as he sat on the throne of the Ramadan 2023 drama, about his role in the series “The Adventures of a Husband”, which obtained high ratings among viewership rates, and Ali also won the audience’s admiration, and proved to the public year after year, especially in his choices for his works, As usual, with his powerful, powerful and distinguished performance with the utmost ingenuity and perfection, because he is not an ordinary actor, but rather he is an able, colorful and creative artist at the top of the summit, who made a special place for himself in the artistic scene, and despite the presence of some huge works and powerful series, “Tarik Lotfy” was able to reserve a place for himself. It is high among the stars of the first row because it is characterized by diversity and the embodiment of difficult and complex roles simply, elaborately and with a wonderful performance, which made those who watch it not know if it is in front of an act or a reality, and in this dialogue, the artist Tarek Lotfy talked about his cinematic experience and the upcoming future projects, in addition to his views on The development of the drama, as he also told us about his recent experience in the series "Diary of a Husband". Here is the dialogue as follows. 
_ Why did you choose to present the series Diary of a Husband?
The work is suitable for any time, any time, and any language, because it is a realistic humanitarian work. In any marriage relationship, stress and security occur, and for your information, I can present it again after ten years.
_ Many years of tragedy, and suddenly comedy comes, don't you see it as an adventure?
  It is not an adventure. On the contrary, change is very important for the artist, especially with the success achieved by the previous roles, which were complex. Therefore, changing the skin brings the viewer the pleasure of amazement.
_ Don't you see that the work could have extended to 30 episodes, not just 15?
This was the choice of the producing company, Aroma Studios, and the producer, Tamer Mortada, and I think it has achieved its purpose.
_ With the success of this work, is there any thinking about another part?
- Indeed, there is thinking about this, and I am waiting for the visualization and how we will present a new vision and events that will achieve astonishment for the viewer. I am always looking for the new, and since my beginning I have been striving for artistic adventures, challenging myself, and achieving astonishment for the audience with the diversity and difference of roles.
_ Here we watched the journey of a situation comedy husband, which is another adventure amidst works that depend on Alive. An idea from here?
  It is a collective decision to make the audience watch Raouf’s journey, which is what the audience interacted with, thank God, and this is what the scriptwriter Muhammad Suleiman, director Tamer Nady, and producer Tamer Mortada succeeded in creating. Articles from psychiatrists, how not to fall into the wife's trap in a husband's diary. Here we present the pressures of his life and his journey as a human being.
_ How do you see the reactions to the work?
I am always happy with it. The audience's appreciation of your work has the effect of magic and how it relieves you of the trouble of effort in work and life.
_ The end of work and the return of the spouses to each other. Is this a message from you that divorce is not a solution?
  The end is not a solution, not a decision. Here, Raouf discovered himself. Even religion says that marriage is accommodation, and divorce is the worst thing that happens to children and spouses.
_ What are the points of agreement and disagreement between you and Raouf?
I am not reckless like him. I build my life in a different way. Even if there are problems, we can overcome them. This is what I learned from my father and mother. What does a person lose from his life partner’s gratitude? The word thank you is a useful word.
_ Don't you think that there is a new season that is formed outside the Ramadan season?
Practically speaking, the real dramatic marathon is still in the month of Ramadan, and your presence among all these stars means that you are present and compete strongly. My success among the adults has a taste, but presenting a work outside Ramadan is a work that has a different success.
_ Don't you miss the cinema?
Of course I miss it, but cinema is an adventure that must be calculated because its only criterion is revenue, unlike drama, which measures its success by the interaction of viewers and the increase in advertisements with the show. After the success of Film 122, I had other projects such as the movie Party 9, which was not completed for pro.